Letter: Heggins comment not meant to be disparaging

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 11, 2021

Editor Josh Bergeron made a misguided reference in an editorial published Thursday (“No minority status lesser than another”) regarding the statement by Al Heggins at the council meeting March 2nd. Ms. Heggins said Jews were sometimes in the minority religiously, but were not racially a minority.

While Jews were persecuted throughout history, the basis for our persecution could be avoided — accept Christianity. In fact, we Jews were, at first, welcomed with open arms into Islam and/or Christianity if we would just renounce our religion. We didn’t, but to be brutally honest, while we Jews have had rough times here in the US, we have enjoyed great prosperity as well.

Can this be said of the African-American communities? At no point in their history have African-Americans been welcomed with open arms into the US.

Ms. Heggins’ comment was never meant to be disparaging to the Jewish community nor was it taken as such. Just ask us. No member of the Jewish community I spoke with thinks Ms. Heggins’ statement was out-of-line toward us. I fail to see the true basis for even writing the editorial.

— Mitchell Siegel