Letter: Dismissal is needed in K-9 case

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Regarding the treatment of Zuul, the Salisbury Police Department K-9, the treatment viewed on the video is totally unacceptable.

Dogs are very expensive for any department.

These dogs undergo extensive and expensive training prior to being certified as a law enforcement K-9 — just as a human officer goes through training prior to being certified as a law enforcement officer. They are supplied with protective equipment just as a human officer. So, for those who say “this is just an animal,” think again. This K-9 deserves the same respect as a human officer.

Would his handler have reacted against a human partner the same why as he reacted against Zuul? I certainly hope not. I believe the consequences would be severe if he had.

Dismissal from the department is needed in this case. The handler in this case showed he has no respect for his K-9 or Salisbury Police to act in the manner that he did. Chief Stokes, step up. This handler does not need to be employed as a Salisbury PD officer, much less a K-9 handler.

He’s a liability to your department and the city of Salisbury.

— Toni Megliorino