Letter: Politicians hypocritical on minimum wage

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 4, 2021

Question: what right does Congress, the president or the Supreme Court have to legislate wages for the business community?

The minimum wage concept is just a politicization of the economy. The free trade or capitalism concept is based on supply and demand and should be hands-off from government intervention and manipulation.  

The question simply put is: What do you have to offer an employer? What skills do you have that would make your employer want to hire you? Employers are willing to pay what is necessary to accomplish a particular task; for example, if your business is a building contractor ,would you be willing to pay minimum wage to a teenager to lay brick, especially if he had no experience in brick laying? No, the contractor would hire someone with the skills necessary to lay brick.

Minimum wage is not for a married man with a wife and children who has no skills to offer an employer. Find a trade or a skill that interests you and become proficient at it. In other words, find something useful or needed to an employer that would support a family.  

The minimum wage concept is just another effort by politicians to appeal to a segment of those in the workforce who have yet to exhibit any skills that would interest an employer.  To artificially require the business community to pay wages in excess of their value does not make any economic sense and will effect wages and job opportunities in our entire economy. This is strictly an effort by politicians to find new voters by forcing the employer to pay wages in excess of their value. It is just a politicization of the economy and serves no useful purpose.

— Richard Roberts