Genia Woods: Let’s talk about good news in Salisbury

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 4, 2021

By Genia Woods

As my first column in the Salisbury Post, I must thank Editor Josh Bergeron for this opportunity. Also as a member of WLJZ 107.1 FM of Livingstone College, where Dr. Jimmy Jenkins is residing president, I must say thank you for the platform you’ve provided.

My purpose as a columnist is to shed light on the pros of our community and the success of both North and South Carolina.  

Let’s jump right in and assume that most people like variety. When it comes to making a decision in anything, isn’t it better to have an option(s)? I believe that’s what many people look for and even subconsciously enjoy — shopping, for instance. What comes to mind when you think of shopping? For me, I picture someone picking through a variety of shirts, shoes, foods, etc., hoping to pick that one or multiple satisfying things. Again, I believe there’s great appreciation, opportunity and experience with the ability to select from a variety.  

Genia Woods

So the good news about variety in Rowan County is the multiple businesses that have emerged despite the pandemic — different restaurants, improved restaurants, salons, printing companies and even clothing brands that are accessible virtually. It’s wonderful what we can explore and experience right here in our backyards and front yards, too. There use to be a time when locals would migrate to surrounding areas just to get a different taste of food or buy different products or services. Now, you can find variety right here in Rowan County.  

Variety creates a better community, quality people and greater experience. Do yourself a favor and start to explore and discover the new additions and renovated businesses our  community has to offer.

If you are a business owner and would like to be promoted, please contact the Salisbury Post or me, Mz. Good Newz, on behalf of WLJZ 107.1 FM via email or I would like to recognize my team, Prez, or Preston Gillespie and Synphany, or multi-media director Keith Anderson.

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Genia Woods, also known as Mz. Good Newz, is a radio personality at Livingstone College’s WLJZ 107.1 FM.