Letter: What happened to community pride?

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 21, 2021

Rowan County has got to be the trashiest county in North Carolina! It’s so disheartening and embarrassing to see all of the trash along the city streets and roads throughout the place we call home. What has happened to the pride and responsibility in people any more?

Here’s an idea: whatever happened to community service? It could educate people on the pride and importance of keeping our homeland clean!

Inmates, offenders and teenagers could help with “this pandemic” of a problem. What’s wrong with making inmates and offenders work for time spent in jail and prison instead of giving them three hots, free cots, health and dental care at the price of tax paying citizens? High school teens could serve a certain amount of community service hours picking up trash in our county before they graduate.

Maybe, just maybe, the ideas mentioned would give people a second thought before they threw their trash out the windows of their vehicles or as they’re walking along the street. It could possibly even teach them to be responsible for their actions and have some pride of where they live.

— Christine Smith

Granite Quarry