Letter: Republicans have lost all credibility

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 18, 2021

I’m ruing the day I ever identified with the Republican Party. Growing up in South Dakota, I didn’t even know what a Democrat was until I was a senior in high school and was exposed to JFK and the 1960 election. Had I been old enough to vote (you had to be 21 back then), I might have been persuaded to vote for JFK. But more likely not because he wasn’t Republican and he was Catholic.

Regarding Bradley Bethel’s column published Sunday (“Politicians like Budd fail to tell the truth”), I agree 110%. Then, on the N.C. GOP’s censure of Sen. Burr for his vote for impeachment, I disagree 110%; It has strengthened my resolve.

The seditionist actions, including votes to not certify other states’ duly certified Electoral College results by seven of our 10 GOP U.S. Representatives and Sen. Tillis’ vote of “not guilty” on a technicality that the Senate had ruled at the onset of the trial was, in fact, constitutional, are proof that these elected representatives and senator are incapable of honoring their oath of office. Thus, they, themselves, should be impeached!

From this point on, the GOP has lost all credibility no matter the lip service they offer prior to election. They have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they feel they are above the law and the Constitution that this democracy was founded on. I will never vote for any person who runs as a Republican ever again no matter the so-called platform they profess.

— Dwayne Dvoracek