Letter: Give Faith Academy elementary school

Published 12:00 am Thursday, February 18, 2021

Rowan County government officials:

For my tax dollars, for once do the right thing and give the Faith School property to the newly established Faith Academy. You and/or the school board chose to close the school. I can’t imagine the county has any use for this old structure that apparently needs more repairs than its total worth. Faith Academy offered to purchase from you and you sit there and drag your feet. Give it to them!

It infuriates me, as I expect it does many other tax-paying citizens, that our money is wasted and/or misused in so many instances. Yet, you will not give this property to a charter school trying to get their feet on the ground.

If you want to place the blame for this on the school board, feel free to share this with them.

It just seems to me our county management is in need of some makeovers in more than one area.

— Kay Harviel