Letter: Response lacking from Salisbury Rehabilitation Program officials

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 7, 2021

My experience with two representatives of the Salisbury Rehabilitation Program has left me with the opinion the program lacks accountability.

I was at a disadvantage when my contacts for this program, Michael Kepley and Chanaka Yatawara, stopped responding to my inquiries regarding my dissatisfaction with the outcome of the project.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, the contractor’s meeting was changed to a conference call; and that did not happen either. After a 2-month delay from the contractor, Mr. Kepley notified me that the repairs were completed and to please sign and send back the acceptance form. He sent pictures and I went to look at the completed work. I had issues with some of the work done and emailed Mr. Kepley with my concerns.

When I did not hear from him, I contacted Mr. Yatawara. He said he would respond to me after speaking with the contractor. I have not received a response from either of them to address my concerns. I will not send the acceptance form back until all work done is acceptable to me.

In October, I wrote a letter regarding these issues to the Salisbury Community Development Corporation Board of Directors c/o the Executive Director, Mr. Yatawara. He said received the letter however; I have heard nothing from the Board or anything further from him. I challenge this Board to hold itself accountable to the program and to provide a response to my inquiries at the very least.

I appreciate the opportunity to participate in the project, however, the interaction I have had with the program representatives has left me unwilling to give a positive assessment on the project or recommend it to others without a warning to check and verify the documentation and demand a contractor’s conference to assure all are on the same page.

— Beth Cunningham