Letter: Elected officials should grow a spine

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 19, 2021

OK, here we are again. The president has fomented insurrection, sedition, and the violent overthrow of our elected officials. His followers beat a cop to death right outside the building that Sen. Burr, Rep. Budd and Sen. Tillis work in.

And yet, they are so blind to the literal danger they were in that they still support this dangerous man. Those thugs pooping and peeing in their offices and hallways would have torn them limb from limb and laughed.

It’s time to for Sen. Burr, Rep. Budd and Sen. Tillis to prove their loyalty to the Constitution and their constituents. Impeach the man. Remove him from office. Deny him the benefits he has not earned.

For heaven’s sake, they must grow a freaking spine. Do the right thing, for once. I am so ashamed of these officials.

— Kathleen Tronsor