Letter: Media, Democrat, social media collusion is real problem

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 17, 2021

Despite three attempted coups by Democrats, President Donald Trump has done a lot of great things for our country (low unemployment, rising wages for everyone and a booming economy prior to COVID-19). But what I believe he will be remembered for is a statement a few weeks ago when he said: “We no longer have freedom of the press, we have suppression of (the news by) the press.”

Suppression of news by the press has been obvious over the last four years, but has been blatantly obvious leading up to the election.

Mainstream media and social media no longer allow opposing views, especially if it concerns Donald Trump. Whether it is about COVID-19, protests or voter and ballot fraud, if it does not fit their narrative, then it is labeled as disinformation, misleading information or unfounded allegations.

Mainstream media did not cover any of the hearings in any of the states that presented overwhelming evidence of voter and ballot fraud. If you don’t hear it, then you can keep reporting it as unfounded and no evidence of fraud.

Did you know that ANTIFA and BLM both inserted themselves in the DC protests and were part of the vandalism and storming of the capitol? Video proof is shown on the Epoch Times website. But you won’t see it on mainstream media.

These are dangerous times, and it is not because of Donald Trump. Collusion of mainstream media and Democrats to suppress certain viewpoints and news while ignoring other vital information and other viewpoints (COVID-19) ensures the majority of American people only see one side of any issue. This is dangerous for our democracy.

Democrats are impeaching Donald Trump for sedition. But the collusion of mainstream media, Democrats and social media platforms is the real sedition.

— Tim Byrd