My Turn, Carol Pomeroy: Try reading facts instead

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 10, 2021

By Carol Pomeroy

This is in response to Delmar McDaniel’s letter dated Dec. 31. It is so unfortunate that any weight could possibly be given to such gross misinformation and opinions that have no factual basis.

Believe it or not, Democrats like going to church also. The God that I serve reminds us to love one another as He loves us.

Love should be based on unselfish living in community with others. Love is not self serving. Love is a commitment to the common good.

Wearing face masks in public is about social responsibility. Masks help protect other people from your germs which is especially important because you could be asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic and not know that you are carrying the virus.

Churches were closed by both Democratic and Republican leaders because close indoor spaces provided an environment for a greater spread of the coronavirus. Businesses were closed for the same reasons.

No one is in favor of shutting down businesses. It becomes necessary when coronavirus positive cases are on the rise. It has absolutely nothing to do with political affiliation but it has everything to do with people who refuse to wear masks or social distance. You are the ones who have made it necessary to limit people gathering in groups because those who think like you are the ones who spread the virus.

It is not mowing your grass without a mask that will kill you. Grass isn’t a killer, but the virus is. COVID-19 is most spread by respiratory droplets released when people talk, shout, sing, cough or sneeze. The highest risk of contracting the virus is going to bars, eating inside a restaurant, indoor social gatherings, going to a gym and attending church services. The use of masks, social distancing and frequent hand washing is recommended by infectious control specialists, the CDC, WHO, doctors, nurses, front line workers and everyone else who has common sense.

It’s getting pretty old to keep misrepresenting the concept of defunding the police. The idea is to allocate funds to other services to supplement the police such as mental health professionals who have the expertise to defuse a situation when the occasion calls for that kind of intervention.

Police and law enforcement personnel are completely necessary and Democrats have no intention of eliminating them.

Your paragraph on immigrants and emigrants makes no sense whatsoever.

The Supreme Court which you deem worthless includes three conservative justices who were appointed by Trump and confirmed by a Republican controlled Senate. There are now six conservative justices and three liberal justices.

If you think this court is worthless because they would not overturn a legitimate election with no evidence of fraud to benefit a corrupt sitting president then they correctly did their job.

Instead of relying on unsubstantiated Facebook posts, conspiracy theories or Trump Twitter tweets, try reading a newspaper such as The Wall Street Journal, research internet articles that have been fact checked or watch an unbiased news program on PBS.

Carol Pomeroy lives in Salisbury.