Ada Fisher: Peaceful transition is what’s needed now

Published 12:00 am Sunday, January 10, 2021

By Ada Fisher

Anger and bitterness in defeat does not lay a fertile ground for binding a nation and moving forward to heal a nation.

The Washington, D.C. demonstrations of Jan. 6 in favor of President Trump who too many still believe had the presidential election stolen is a mark on the character of this nation which will live in infamy on par with that of Shakespearean Lady Macbeth’s damned spot. For the Republican Party, the damage done will plague us into many tomorrows unless we stand together and say enough is enough.

There have been many mistakes in the 2020 election which may not get the light of day needed to ensure future elections are fair. A bipartisan federal commission on election fairness would be advised to deal with recommending uniform standards for mail-in voting, including cut-off dates, soiled ballots, verification of eligibility, etc.

This experience highlights many irregularities which occurred and the need to minimize their recurrence. An investigation of voting machines to ensure they are operating above board should also be undertaken.

The value of the Electoral College was only enhanced by this fracas and melee, which served as an affront to our democracy on the eve of the Electoral College certification of presidential votes.

Without such an additional layer to this process, it would be possible for five states, e.g., New York, California, Texas, Illinois and Florida to have the numbers to elect a president without any other states being involved. This could mean the needs of the smaller states would be supplanted and their resources commandeered by disparate interest.   

The attack on the US Capitol by members of an angry constituency must be dealt with using all deliberate speed and immediate justice applied. The comparison of the treatment of this riot and that of those engaged in the nationwide Black Lives Matter protest are striking.

Helped unfortunately in this pandemic atmosphere by not wearing masks, the perpetrators should be easily identified and jailed without bail. When the world reviews what was done to us by us, other terrorists may see it as a prime opportunity to strike.   

Sidelined by this turn of events has been the moving away from prescient issues which led to the rise of Trump: immigration control; media unfairness, which has cost them much credibility; an America first trade policy and citizens-first view will not go away even with the disappearance of Trump. It is highly unlikely that Trump or even members of his family will be party stalwarts in the foreseeable future.

What is needed is not another autopsy but a 180-degree review on where we have been and what have we done to ourselves and for this great nation.

In all the getting back at him, don’t overlook the unchallenged censure of the president by Twitter, Facebook and other social media, which is unprecedented and gives unfettered power to non-elected bodies. These monopolies need to be broken up and regulated for more fairness and limited in privacy violations in their collection of data.

Two weeks is too short a time to successfully remove Trump from office via the 25th Amendment, with its appeals process, or impeach him.

President Trump is not likely to resign, but it is hoped that he will be presidential in allowing for an orderly inauguration as he goes quietly into oblivion.

The nation does not need to prolong this national tragedy. Showing leadership means allowing the peaceful transition from one administration to another by putting in place new, credible guardians of democracy which will hopefully put our citizens first.     

Salisbury’s Ada Fisher is a licensed teacher, retired physician, former school board member and former N.C. Republican national committeewoman.