Letter: Thanks for donations to Faithful Friends

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 5, 2021

We would like to thank each person that saves aluminum cans for Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary and all the businesses and Hudson-Miller-Tatum VFW Post for allowing us to collect aluminum cans on their property.

As volunteers, we don’t see the many nice people that drop off cans at our “Can Kennels” daily, but we want you to know we do not take it for granted. Every cent from cans continues to go toward helping to provide for the needs of sweet dogs and cats waiting to be adopted. 

As the holiday seasons wind down, we wanted to remind you that we can take your old unwanted or burnt out strands of Christmas lights and put them to good use. You can drop them in the Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary aluminum can drop-off spots around Salisbury. Faithful Friends can recycle them.

The drop-off sites at the West Plaza near the old Belk’s at (formerly called the Salisbury Mall) and on Brenner Avenue at the Hudson-Miller-Tatum VFW Post are accessible 24/7. The complete list of all drop-off spots and addresses are listed at faithfulfriendsnc.org/can-team-collections-and-information/ The lights need to be bagged separately from aluminum cans left in the “can kennels.” The lights will be kept out of our landfills and used for a good cause. 

Also, as a friendly reminder, we are not able to recycle human vegetable cans and soup cans, dog food cans, pie pans or any plastic bottles. If you are unsure if it’s aluminum, stick a magnet to the can; if the magnet does not stick, it means it’s aluminum and we can take it. If you have any questions, feel free to email the can team at Lowen@carolina.rr.com 

Faithful Friends doesn’t receive any kind of federal, state, or county government funding for our no-kill animal sanctuary so every dollar raised helps. 

Wishing everyone a better year in 2021. Please always spay and neuter. Thank you everyone for your support and kindness.

— Lora S. Owen

Editor’s note: Lora Own is a volunteer on the Faithful Friends Can Team