East Spencer resident not happy with drainage repair

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 24, 2020

By Shavonne Potts

EAST SPENCER — East Spencer resident Carolyn Logan said she’s not satisfied after what she called a shoddy repair of her yard that was supposed to help with ongoing drainage issues.

Logan, who has been vocal about drainage issues that have left standing water in her yard and driveway, asked the town what it could do to remedy the situation.

On Dec. 11, Logan said she arrived home to find someone the town hired working on her driveway. She said the man had already dug a trench, filled it with concrete and repaved her driveway entrance with it.

Logan said the concrete was not done correctly and had a dip in the concrete that only worsened the issue when it rained the next day and it pooled with water.

“The problem is worse,” Logan said this week.

Logan claims the town hired someone who wasn’t licensed or bonded.

She asked Alderman Albert Smith if the man could return to correct the issues. She begged the town to not pay the man until he corrected it. But she claimed the man was paid and he’s never returned.

A pile of broken concrete sits across the street from home, which Logan calls a hazard.

Alderman Smith told the Post the town realized the person who was hired did a less than ideal job. He promised Logan after the holidays they would rectify the situation.

He assured Logan that the man had done other work in the town, but told her they would address the issues.

Mayor Barbara Mallett echoed Smith’s sentiments and said they would work to fix the problem. Mallett said she was not aware that Logan was unhappy with the work.