My Turn, Lynn Moody: Rowan-Salisbury will always hold a special place in my heart

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 22, 2020

By Lynn Moody

It is with so many fond memories and with so many mixed emotions that I write this message to all the citizens of Rowan County who I have had the privilege and honor to work with during the previous seven years as superintendent for the Rowan-Salisbury Schools.

I have been deeply touched with all those who took the time to attend my “drive through” retirement farewell event in addition to all the cards, emails and phone calls. This community exuberates with kindness. I believe that is what I will miss most about Rowan County. When I came to RSS, this community welcomed me with open arms. Even with all the challenges, it has been an absolute pleasure to serve the children, families and citizens in this community with you by my side.

Throughout my tenure as RSS superintendent, it was your encouraging, supportive words that I am most grateful for — even when dealing with difficult challenges and when celebrating the best accomplishments. What a comfort to know that we were together in doing what is best for our children.

And I am grateful…

• To the philanthropists who offered to help and invest in children.

• To Rowan Partners for Education for their support and donations.

• To Communities in Schools for working in our schools with our children.

• To Crosby Scholars for encouraging children to prepare for college and post-graduation.

• To our Faith-based partners who are always there to offer support to our schools.

• To our civic clubs for providing scholarships, challenges and forums to tell our stories.

• To our businesses who created hot spots for digital conversion, attended celebrations and strategic announcement events — and so much more.

• To our elected officials who not only listened to our needs, but worked to improve education.

You were there to answer our needs. When we needed …

• Yard signs for extraordinary readers. We got them.

• Books for children. We got them.

• A generator for our Yum Yum Bus. We got it.

• Mini grants for students. We got them.

• Funds to send leaders to “go and see” national models for transformation. We got it.

… and the list goes on.

Thank you to Rowan-Salisbury staff for the jobs you perform that are so critical in leading children to develop a love for school and learning.

Thank you to our teachers for the exceptional education you provide to the children we are honored to serve. You make a difference every day to each and every child.

Thank you to the Rowan-Salisbury Board of Education most especially for taking an historical leap in allowing RSS to be named the first district in North Carolina to be granted renewal status through legislation — our chance to do it differently, our chance to be pioneers, and most importantly our chance to do what is right for children.

Thank you to Rowan County for permission to allow us to take risks and to re-think education in order to make extraordinary things happen for our children.

The kindness you have all extended to me and my family — to my husband, sons, daughter-in-law and granddaughters — thank you! Rowan County will always hold a special place in my heart. I cannot wait to see what Rowan-Salisbury will achieve in the future for children.

Rowan Salisbury Schools Superintendent Lynn Moody is retiring at the end of year.