Letter: Let’s build a park

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 20, 2020

Is this an incredible community or what?! How many towns or cities do you know that have donated over $12.5 million to build a downtown park? Ninety-two percent of this money has come from individuals and companies in this community. People want to see Salisbury move, progress and be one of the unique small cities in North Carolina. Bell Tower Green will help make that happen.

The effort to build the park started when the Robertson Foundation decided to purchase this city block in 2016. They had the vision to create the most impressive park in central North Carolina. The next step was the formation of Bell Tower Green, Inc., a not-for-profit whose purpose was to build the park. With lead gifts from Salisbury families and businesses, the project began. Five years later, that vision will become a reality.

The water wall is one of the park’s dominant features and will be flowing water 24/7 all year long.  The splash pad in front of the wall will be fun for everyone. The new stage will provide the city with a venue for concerts and special events, and the large green will be a gathering place for celebrations, protests, and play — a place and space for everyone. Trees, bushes, and flowers will provide color and calm all year long.

The Wrenn House refurbishment has started, and we plan to bring a destination restaurant to the building. There will be outdoor dining, rooftop dining and space for parties and events. The restaurant will also offer catering in the park, a real plus for weddings and special events.

An update wouldn’t be complete without some mention of fundraising. We are currently $150,000 short of our goal and ask that you consider a donation before year-end.  You can donate through our website (belltowergreen.com) or send a check to PO Box 4242, 28145.

Before closing, I want to thank all the people that have worked so hard to bring this park to life.  From donors to volunteers, consultants, and the City of Salisbury, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

— Dyke Messinger


Editor’s note: Messinger is  president of Bell Tower Green Inc.