Letter: Commissioners should see road

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 20, 2020

After speaking with Michael Hedrick with the DOT, several months back, I decided to write this letter regarding the hazardous conditions of St. Peters Church Road.

I first spoke with someone at the DOT in 2018 and was told the road would be repaired in 2020. According to Mr. Hedrick, St. Peters Church Road was supposed to be resurfaced this summer. He stated that the state has no funds allocated to road resurfacing this year nor will the funds be available in 2021. The specific section is from U.S. 52 to Lower Palmer Road. The road is very deteriorated and needs to be repaired now. The sides are falling off and there are too many pot holes to count.

The road is so narrow that you have to almost stop or run off the road when meeting oncoming traffic. There are 18 wheelers traveling this very narrow road, which adds to the poor condition. When any type of maintenance is done, pea gravel is used and that only makes a mess and doesn’t last any time at all. We pay taxes and expect our county roads to be maintained for safe traveling. I would like to invite the county commissioners to come travel this road and witness it first-hand.

—Joy Burleson

Gold Hill