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Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 17, 2020

Catawba Chiefs: Still going strong in a pandemic

Though he doesn’t take any credit, Jeff Childress deserves most of it for the recent growth of the Chiefs Club.

He’s a tireless worker and advocate for the organization, and his enthusiasm and spirit are contagious. Thank you, Jeff, for all you do..

— Stuart Smith

County will buy temperature check tunnel for courthouse

It seems like a lot of money for something of dubious value. Have you consulted with medical professionals as far as relying on body temperature as a sign of COVID infection?

— Joanne Bryla

RSS picks Guilford County Schools administrator …

Dr. Watlington’s credentials and professional background are impressive, and he is prepared to lead by example. Great news for our public school system.

— Jeff Morris

Gov. Cooper announces modified stay-at-home order …

Ask yourself this question: If Cooper’s edicts are so important and necessary, why do you have to wait until Friday to implement them?

Every one of his “orders” so far, have been deferred until Friday.

That must be one hell of a smart virus. It can read a calender!

— John Walls

Police: Salisbury woman charged after officers witness …

So the person who bought the drugs was charged. What about the dealer who was selling them? That’s the real problem.

— Eric Shock

Double-digit deaths, record case increases …

And yet, yesterday at the very busy Food Lion near Lowe’s, there were three families with several small children each, all without masks. Yes, it’s certainly their choice at this point. Their level of selfishness, and some would say arrogance, is also a choice. But their willingness to put themselves (as parents), and their children at risk for the sake of what appears to be a political statement is unconscionable.

— Whitney Peckman

Landis hires public safety director to oversee police, fire …

Creating a position for someone to hold 2 jobs is what the citizens of Landis voted against in the last municipal election. A town the size Landis doesn’t need a public safety official. To have a interim manager making hiring decisions and delaying the hiring of a permanent manager is ridiculous.

— Kenny Goodman

Incoming superintendent hailed as …

RSS is in for a treat! Dr. Watlington is phenomenal.

— Amy Holcombe

Political Notebook: Rowan’s congressman supported lawsuit …

Budd and Hudson are traitors. You either accept the results of the election or you are anti- American.

— William H. Moffitt

Blotter: Greensboro man charged with having 970 grams …

For those wondering, 970 grams works out to just over two pounds.

— Eric Shock

Letter: Hudson’s support for lawsuit not redeemable

Will Hudson and Budd join a bunch of other House representatives on Jan. 6 to again dispute the certified results in the four swing states? Probably so — further entrenching their heads in Donald Trump’s backside. Their was no widespread fraud in this election, according to, well, everybody.

— Douglas Byrd