Carpenter donates to Christmas Happiness in memory of late husband

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 15, 2020

SALISBURY — Sonny Carpenter was the kind of person who usually thought of others before himself.

When the Salisbury Housing Authority named 11 duplexes in his honor, he shied away from the attention. But it made sense. He had become synonymous with the housing authority after serving 11 years as chairman and more years on the board (31) than anyone else. He also served during development of a few projects, including what would be known as Carpenter’s Corner.

“Mr. Carpenter’s leadership style was simple. Take care of our residents, take care of our apartments, and take care of our employees,” former executive director Sam Faust said after Sonny Carpenter’s death in 2015.

After donating to the Christmas Happiness Fund in her late husband’s memory, Dinah Carpenter on Monday summed him up in fewer words.

“He was very kind and very good to people,” Dinah Carpenter said.

She said her donation was made in the same spirit of community service to which her husband stayed true.

Dinah and Sonny Carpenter, both of whom were originally from Salisbury, were married for 58 years before his passing in 2015. He was 83.

The Christmas Happiness Fund is sponsored by the Salisbury Post, which collects contributions. The Rowan Salvation Army distributes vouchers to eligible families. It was started in 1952 when Spencer Murphy, a Post editor, realized Rowan County children would not receive gifts that year. He made an appeal and asked to the community to dig into their wallets.

The needs of the community have continued to grow and so have the contributions.

Contributions may be delivered to the Salisbury Post, 131 W. Innes St. or mailed to Salisbury Post Christmas Happiness Fund, P.O. Box 4639, Salisbury, NC 28145-4639.

Today’s contributions are:

• In memory of Sonny Carpenter by Dinah Carpenter, $100

• In memory of Lester Mayhew, Mae Eller and Betty Foster Campbell with love from Darlene Godbey Tutterow, $150

• Kim Billingsley, $250

• In honor of our friendship by Lonzo, Martha, Terry and Beth, $50

• In loving memory of my wife, Carol, by Denny White, $250

• In honor of Tiger, Gizmo, Fluffy, Wesley, Squirt, Lucy, Brownie and Speedy by Benny, Harry and John, $100

• In honor of the St. John’s Lutheran Church staff by Mimi and Tommy Carlton, $200

• In honor of our teachers — Carl Eagle, Theresa Safrit and Rev. Don Safrit — by Messiah Lutheran Church Adult Sunday School Class, $50

• In memory of my parents, Jim and Betty Shuping, and in honor of our grandsons — Emmett and Owen Correll and Jack and James Schnepper — by Terri and Bob Correll, $50

• From Hannah and Anne Claire in honor of their teachers at Overton, Knox and Salisbury High, $200

• In memory of Jimmy Hurley from Hen and John Henderlite, $100

• In loving memory of my dear friend, Dixie Rusher Cauble, by Trish, $25

• In honor of the Franklin Presbyterian Church Family by Rick and Carol Leonard, $100

• In memory of my husband, L. Ken Beck, by Gail Beck, $100

• In memory of Carol White from Nelson and Rosemary Bradshaw, $100

• Anonymous, $35

• In honor of Oscar and Hazel Garver and Helen Watson by Dale and Kathy Watson, $100

• In honor of Margaret and Tony Almeida by W.W. Blackman, $100

• In memory of Jack Hodges by Belinda B. Reid, $25

• In memory of Myrtice and Dimp Roberts and Irvin and Melba Parnell by Ginny Parnell, Mabe and Andy Parnell, $300

• In loving memory of Dixie Rusher Cauble, I miss you, by Judy Blackwelder, $25

• In honor of Faithful brothers of Eureka Lodge No. 45 in Salisbury by Eureka Lodge No. 45, $100

• In honor of our fellow winged footers by Charles and Norma Goldman, $25

• In loving memory of Sidney and Scotty Blume by Betty Blume and family, $50

• In loving memory of my sister, Margaret Douglas, by Betty Blume, $25

• In memory of my husband, Robert Reid, by Vickie Reid, $100

• In honor of all teachers by anonymous, $25

• For my husband, Howard Goodman by Virginia Goodman, $200

• In memory of our sweet uncle and friend, Justin Monroe, and our pawpaw and friend, Eddie Monroe, by Caroline and Rob Monroe as well as Abby and Corbin Smith, $40

Today’s total: $3,075

Running total: $23,764.02