Grandparents give to Christmas Happiness in memory of grandchild

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 13, 2020

By Shavonne Potts

SALISBURY — Gary and Lugene Cox would’ve celebrated the birthday of their first grandchild this week, but she was born at almost 20 weeks and did not survive her birth last year.

The couple honored their grandchild — Emaline Summit Cox — on Dec. 8 for what would have been her birthday with a donation to the Christmas Happiness Fund in her memory.

“She was too little. She was still fighting but she did not live after she was born,” Lugene recalled.

The couple thought this “was the perfect way to honor the memory of this child, who is very special to us by honoring all children,” she said of their donation.

“She was loved and treasured every second,” she said.

While the family is remembering Emaline, they are also rejoicing at the expectation of a grandchild, McKenna, who is expected to enter the world a few months from now. Lugene said her son, Parker, and daughter-in-law, Savannah, want to offer encouragement to anyone who has lost a child.

“I think they are very excited about their rainbow baby, but also that it’s important to know Emaline is remembered. She was their first child and our first grandchild,” Lugene said.

Lugene, who is a retired educator, said she and her family feel strongly that all children are precious.

“We hope the day is coming that all children will have equal opportunity and equal everything and we want to do everything we can to help in the meantime,” she said.

The Christmas Happiness is sponsored by the Salisbury Post, which collects contributions. The Rowan Salvation Army distributes vouchers to eligible families. It was started in 1952 when Spencer Murphy, a Post editor, realized Rowan County children would not receive gifts that year. He made an appeal and asked to the community to dig into their wallets.

The needs of the community have continued to grow and so have the contributions.

Contributions may be delivered to the Salisbury Post, 131 W. Innes St., between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays or mailed to Salisbury Post Christmas Happiness Fund, P.O. Box 4639, Salisbury, NC 28145-4639.

Last week’s contributions are:

In honor of our children by Acey and Carol Worthy, $200

In memory of Doug Jones and in honor of his family by the Combs Family, $100

In memory of Leo and Geraldine Miller by Lana Miller, $100

In memory of George Brown by Naomi Brown, $200

In honor of HoHo by Amanda, $25

In honor of Melissa and Steve Butler by Pam Clark, $25

In memory of my father, J.P. Helms and sister, Libby Helms Hoffmire by Pam Clark, $50

In honor of the staff and patients of the Cardiac Rehab Center at Novant Health Rowan Medical Center by Henry H. Buck, $100

In memory of Floyd Burton by Charles and Gale Hellard, $200

In memory of Baby Chad by Maw Maw Roana, $25

In memory of Ruby Watson by Brent Watson, $50

In honor of my children and grandchildren by Marie G. Richardson, $100

In memory of Earl (Alex) Alexander by Carolyn Alexander, $100

In memory of Carl M. Benfield, Glenn R. Hartzoge, Mary B. Snowberger, Louise Hartzoge by Tim and Marsha, $75

Jim and Nina, $100

In loving memory of Bill and Billy Cohen by Ruby, $200

In memory of Judy Long Bringle from her daughter, Jennifer Bringle Handy, $50

In memory of Dan Herlocker by Louise Herlocker, $100

In memory of Alice Jean Lyerly by Bettie and Jim Lyerly, $50

E.S. Trexler, $50

Rowan Doll Society of North Carolina, $160

In memory of David L. Huffman by Peggy Huffman, $100

Kathy and Windsor Eagle, $300

In memory of Paul Fisher by Dr. Charles T. Steinman and Family, $1,000

In loving memory of Becky Stokes and Ben B. Wagoner by Irene W. Peeler, $50

In loving memory of W. Ralph Peeler by Irene W. Peeler, $25

In memory of Todd Kimball by Marie Cutherall, $153

In memory of Todd Kimball by Tommy and Charlene, $153

Bob and Mari Wright, $250

In memory of John Prine, Billy Joe Shaver, Jerry Jeff Walker and in honor of The Harris Teeter Excellence Team: Amy Patrick, Steve Lippard, and Jennifer Jennings by the Hat Creek Hobos, $30

In memory of Joel and in honor of Steve, Jennifer and Oliver by Jayne, $100

In memory of Gene Fleming, Tony Fleming, Jeffrey Mize, Clifford Mize, Sylvia Mize Young and Billy Young. I miss all of you, by Ruth Fleming, $100

In honor of Sonny and Kaye Miller, Charlene and Jim Bollinger and Gale Sales for their love and help. I thank God each day for my cousins and nieces from Ruth Fleming, $100

In memory of Jay, Bill, Arthur and Gertrude and in honor of Peggy by Stephen and Martha, $45

In memory of our parents and in honor of Will, Paige, Hal, Bert, Maye, Viv and Ellianne by Bill and Toni Kenerly, $100

Anonymous from the Gables, $50

In memory of Lloyd Safrit and Nellie Safrit by Calvin Safrit, $100

In lieu of the Rouzer, Waller and Shuping family gatherings from Susan and Tom Waller, $200

In memory of Rosemary Morales Kellner and in honor of Wayne, Kali, Caison, Saylor June, Grey, Rachel and Jared by Dick and Cheryl Reavis, $50

In honor of our Sunday School teacher, Larry Clodfelter by Providence UMC Adult Sunday School Class, $100

In memory of Grady Howard by Barbara Howard, $100

Anonymous, $25

In memory of Ed Dupree by Bitsy, Brett and Allison, $100

In memory of public employees by anonymous, $100

In loving memory of Jane Benton Kale, Mr. and Mrs. Don Benton, and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Gaskey by Keith and Darlene Kale and Vickie Bean, $100

In honor of Elizabeth, David, Jody, Mark, Tanner, Christopher, David, Kathryn and Alex by Perry and Carolyn Hood, $100

Godley’s Garden Center, $1,500

In memory of Libby Helms Hoffmire and J.P. Helms by Steve and Melissa Butler, $25

In memory of Jim Wilson and Beryl Wilson by Steve and Melissa Butler, $25

In memory of Marylinn Norvell by Steve and Melissa Butler, $25

In honor of Sally Helms by Steve and Melissa Butler, $25

In honor of Arnold and Brenda Herring by Preston Herring, $50

In memory of John and Nancy Zimmerman by Nan Zimmerman, $50

In memory of Katherine Hobson by Karen L. Hobson, $100

In honor and memory of the 4D’s by anonymous, $100

In memory of Joe Hearne Rufty by Bruce Ross Rufty, $500

In memory of Jan Castor Moser and Carl Wilkerson by Phyllis Castor, $100

In memory of Dixie Cauble by Paul and Lynn Weisler, $100

In loving memory of parents we have lost, our nephew, our beloved Spuds, other fur babies, and other friends and family we have lost. We miss you very much by James and Karen Wilkerson, $25

In memory of our parents by Larry and Sandra McKenzi,e $400

In honor of Gallarie Place Neighbors by Debbie, Charlie and Kelly, $100

In honor of Ott and Julie Pinkston by Dorothy Pinkston Atkinson, $50

Anonymous, $101.02

In memory of My Memory by Ellis Smith, $100

In loving memory of my wife Betty Hoffman Arey by Johnny Arey, $100

In memory of Raymond and Susan Dennis, Roy and Louise Drye, Hoy and Bonnie Drye, Backache and Shirley Payne and Linda Swink by Pete and Linda Drye, $100

In loving memory of my husband Dr. Rowland R. King by Marilyn King, $100

Gus and Pepper, $100

In memory of Richard Barringer by Gail, Jill and Juliann, $200

In memory of Robert Matthew Wall by Marybeth Walker and Ed Oberle, $100

In honor of my relatives and friends by Harold B. Poole Jr., $50

In memory of Melvin K. Morgan by Betty Morgan, $100

In memory of Helen Little and Blanche Mull by Charles and Phyllis Little, $100

In memory of Buck and our parents and in honor of our grandchildren: Will, Nealy, Miranda and Tyler and their parents: Mike and Trisha; Sara and Kent by C.W. Belk, $200

In honor of Terry and Mitzie Hatley, Jeff and Allison Lineberry, Jesse and Kay McCartney, Jack and Linda Phillips, Brad and Kim Potts, Russ and Betsy Priddy, Larry and Carole Schall, and Glen and Kim Taylor by Ginny Champion, $300

Today’s total: $3,126.02

Running total: $20,789.02

The following gifts have been made directly from donor-advised funds held at the Foundation For the Carolinas to the Salvation Army for the Christmas Happiness Fund:

From the JF Hurley Foundation in memory of Jimmy Hurley and Hayden Hurley, $1,000

From the JF Hurley Foundation in memory of Elizabeth and James F. Hurley, $1,000

From Gordon and Carolyn Hurley in memory of Buck Hurley, $1,000

From Alice and Fred Stanback, $1,000

From Nancy Stanback in memory of Bill Stanback and Paul Fisher, $1,000