Rowan couple donate to Christmas Happiness in honor of friends

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 6, 2020

By Shavonne Potts

SALISBURY — Betty Mickle estimates she and her husband Bud have given to the Christmas Happiness Fund on and off for the previous 30 years. This year, they have contributed money in honor of their friends.

In her and her husband’s younger years, Betty Mickle says they would exchange Christmas gifts, crafts and food with their friends but “we have realized that our friends do not need more trinkets.”

The Mickles have given to other charitable organizations in the past, but specifically earmarked their donations for the Christmas Happiness Fund.

Bud Mickle is a native of Rowan County. He and Betty have lived together in Rowan County for 55 years.

“I love this community,” she said.

The fund is sponsored by the Salisbury Post, which collects contributions. The Rowan Salvation Army distributes vouchers to eligible families. It was started in 1952 when Spencer Murphy, a Post editor, realized Rowan County children would not receive gifts that year. He made an appeal and asked to the community to dig into their wallets.

The needs of the community have continued to grow and so have the contributions.

Contributions may be delivered to the Salisbury Post, 131 W. Innes St., between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays or mailed to Salisbury Post Christmas Happiness Fund, P.O. Box 4639, Salisbury, NC 28145-4639.

Today’s contributions are:

In memory of Todd Kimball, John and Catherine Kimball, Jim Clary and Marie Cuthrell by Lee and Libby Holman, $100

In honor of our friends by Bud and Betty Mickle, $250

In memory of Ida Mae and Whitney Kluttz by Norman and Sarah Holshouser, $100

In honor of my daughters, Hazel and Stevie Lee-Woolard, by Jenny Lee, $50

In honor of my parents, Kenneth and Sue Karriker, who gave me many Happy Christmas, by Audrey Eudy, $50

Anonymous, $500

In memory of Johnny Safrit by The Everyman’s Bible Class of First Presbyterian Church, $500

In memory of my little darl’n, Betty Alexander, from David Alexander, $250

In memory of our mother, Betty Alexander, from Michelle, Melanie, Melissa and Millie, $150

In memory of our grandmother, Betty Alexander, from BreeAnn, Hannah, Jazmine, Symone, Gracie and Jonathan, $100

In memory of Jim, Sue and Mac Sample and Annette and H. B. Bryan by Sue and Sturges Bryan, $100

In loving memory of our son, Jim Bryan, by Sue and Sturges Bryan, $100

In memory of Russ Lane by Vernon Lane, $10

Christian Reid Book Club, $100

In memory of Dixie Cauble by Jim and LeeAnn Christy, $50

In memory of Carl Wilkerson by Jim and LeeAnn Christy, $50

In memory of our parents, John and Margaret Allison and Earl Christy by Jim and LeeAnn Christy, $50

In honor of Allison, Jack, Jackson and Eva Egbert by Jim and LeeAnn Christy, $50

In memory of Dixie R. Cauble by William and Sybil Baker, $25

In honor of Tom, Lauren, Colleen, Shawn and Hannah by Don Conner, $200

In memory of Papa and Grandma Helms, Papa Sedberry and Mimi by Vicki and Charles Butler, $50

In memory of J. P. Helms by Vicki and Charles Butler, $50

In memory of Libby Helms Hoffmire by Vicki and Charles Butler, $50

In memory of Jimmy Wilson by Vicki and Charles Butler, $25

In memory of Fran Tannehill by Vicki and Charles Butler, $25

In honor of Sally Helms by Vicki and Charles Butler, $50

In memory of Bettie Fesperman by four grandkids and two great-grand kids, $100

Daily total —  $3,135

Running total — $9,272