Letter: Let’s stay strong and smart

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 6, 2020

After 12 days of having a fever around 100 degrees and a night time cough, I decided to see my doctor. During these days, I took a lot of aspirin, Tylenol and NyQuil.

Although my symptoms remained, they never got worse.

Upon arriving at the clinic, two people took my temperature and they both read 100 degrees. Once inside, I filled out some medical history paperwork. Not long after, I met with my doctor. My vitals were checked, I was given a routine exam and eventually pronounced in excellent health.

She then wanted to have some blood work done and for me to take a COVID-19 test. Then it got interesting. She asked me if I wanted to receive an anti-pneumonic vaccine. I didn’t even know such a vaccine existed. But I did know that pneumonia targets the lungs and that COVID is respiratory in nature. So, I said yes.

I took this vaccine around 2 p.m. on July 9. By July 10, my fever was gone and my cough did not return that evening. It’s now December and my symptoms have never re-appeared.

For me, this vaccine was a magic bullet. Does this mean it will work like this for everyone? Probably not, but I highly doubt I’m the only man in the U.S. that this vaccine could help in the way that it did.

For the record, I’m a non-smoking, 67-year-old white male. I am not obese and know of no pre-existing conditions. I was not clobbered by this virus. (My July 9th test came back positive on July 25.)

I share my story to tell others of another possible option to combating this virus. In the meantime, let’s stay strong and smart.

— Allan Gilmour