Letter: What are parks employees doing?

Published 12:00 am Thursday, November 12, 2020

I understand government offices are not well known for their efficient use of funds. I know first hand from working in food stamps for Rowan County Social Services there are a ton of unnecessary employees who do next to nothing.

However, it seems excessive the city of Salisbury has 10 employees in the Parks and Recreation Department. What exactly are they doing right now to justify their combined approximate $500,000 in payroll expenses? Not issuing pickleball court gate access apparently.

How do you all rationalize your recreation coordinator salaries when everything is closed? Maybe just have someone monitor the voicemail to halfway justify you’re doing something.

Also, I’m conservative and I like walls, but why build such a high one around a park pickleball court? Since when can’t everyone play?

— Amanda Przybyszewski