Letter: Trump’s accomplishments come in spite of media

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 3, 2020

I’m so glad this mess is almost over. I am into my eighth decade on this planet and I have never been so disappointed in and disgusted by the behavior of our media and political candidates.

The mainstream media is so obviously biased it is pathetic. Both political parties are doing such a disservice to the people they were elected to service with their “my way or the highway” partisanship.

I get it that many people don’t like President Donald Trump because of his crass demeanor and sometimes childish retribution for perceived attacks. However, he is still the president of the United States of America and, like him or not, he deserves respect for the job he has done in his three-plus years in office.

He has accomplished more for all of the American people in his first term than any president in my lifetime. When you consider that he has done it all with little to no support from the media or the other party, it is truly remarkable.

Imagine what he could have accomplished if he would have gotten bi-partisan support in the halls of Congress. Instead, much of the country, supported predominately by the mainstream media, chose to challenge him at every juncture — always coming to the same unproven conclusion that there must be something sinister going on.

For me, Mr. Joe Biden’s true character is summed up in this: he is pro-abortion and, yet, he professes to be a devout Catholic. What an incredible dichotomy, pro-abortion and devout Catholic; not a chance! If he can’t be faithful to his personal profession of faith, how can he be trusted to deliver on his other promises?

If he will mislead the whole country on something that basic, imagine just how far he will go to achieve his political agenda.

— John Struzick