Letter: What incentive for ‘beautiful’ health plan?

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 1, 2020

About 20 million Americans are currently enrolled in Obamacare. An estimated 80 million Americans have pre-existing conditions, and that number will grow as more Americans become infected with the coronavirus.

President Donald Trump and a vast majority of Republican senators (including Mr. Thom Tillis) have joined him in his quest to terminate Obamacare. The Supreme Court is packed and ready to make this happen seven days after the election. Should that occur, 20 million Americans will have no health care, and more than 80 million would lose the pre-existing condition protection.

President Trump claims to have a “beautiful” health plan ready to go, but let’s look at the facts. If he had a plan, it would have been brought out during the campaign, but he never did. There is no plan. But for the sake of argument, let’s say he does have a plan. All of those currently enrolled, and all of those with pre-existing conditions would instantly lose coverage if the current law is struck down.

Mr. Trump’s mythical plan would then have to wind its way through the legislative process before it became law. It took months for that to happen under President Barack Obama.

The next step would be for people to re-enroll in this “beautiful” plan. What happens during those precarious few months while the legislative process grinds on? Nearly 100 million Americans would have either no health care or no protection for pre-existing conditions.

Some final thoughts: If President Trump loses the election, what incentive does he have to create a new health plan during his lame duck period? None. If he wins the election, he will never face the voters again. What incentive does he have to create a new health plan? None.

— Steve Albanese