Letter: On energy production and elites being out of touch

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 1, 2020

You don’t destroy an entire industry before you have another industry ready to take its place. Joe Biden and his band of green new dealers don’t see it that way.

I have no problem with renewable energy being used so we can lessen our use of fossil fuels. But renewable energy cannot power the U.S. all by itself. Like it or not, we need fossil fuel. As long as that is the case, we might as well produce it ourselves and not have to buy it from countries that don’t like us that much.

For me, being energy independent is extremely important. It helps our economy immensely and allows us to negotiate from a position of strength with a friend or foe. When was the last time you read about OPEC trying to jerk the U.S. around? How quickly we forget.

This advantage would evaporate under a Biden administration. I don’t believe these green new dealers realize the ramifications that would occur if they get what they want. As long as it sounds good, that’s good enough.

When everything does hit the fan, these elites have inoculated themselves enough so they won’t feel the brunt of the adverse effects.

It’s ironic how the most privileged complain the most. Not long ago, Bill Maher was OK with a recession so long as Trump got the blame. Jane Fonda views the China virus as a political gift from God. I guess it doesn’t matter the carnage that this virus brings as long as it means Trump is gone. Speaking from her $12 million home on Martha’s Vineyard, Michelle Obama spoke for 40 minutes on how evil and racist America is. The fact that her husband was elected president and re-elected doesn’t seem to matter. These people will not feel the effects of their idiotic rants.

Do not listen to them. They are out of touch. Trump is not out of touch. He may be rude, crude and unconventional, but not out of touch. That’s why he deserves your vote.

— Allan W. Gilmour