Danelle Cutting column: That sinking feeling: Work continues to fix hole at Hurley Park

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 1, 2020

By Danelle Cutting
Hurley Park

This year, everyone has had some twists and turns like a rocking roller coaster, even Hurley Park has experienced some of those moments. One of those twists and potentially chaotic drops was that we experienced another sinkhole in the park. Unfortunately, it happened right when everything shut down and caused all major repairs to come to a screeching halt.

Sinkhole repair work at Hurley Park.

Thankfully, I can now say we are getting repairs underway and there has been some tremendous progress with the sinkhole. Before work started, we had a hole that was approximately six feet deep and four feet across sitting directly under one of our swell bridges that walkers use frequently. Of course, that would make anyone worried and we immediately blocked off the area to prevent any injuries.

Since COVID-19, our park has had an enormous increase in visitors and we have had plenty of questions and concerns about the sinkhole. We are now thrilled to say that the sinkhole should be repaired and fixed within the next couple of weeks as long as the weather is cooperative. City staff found additional problems with the storm water pipe and will make the repairs. It is our plan to renovate the area as soon as the repairs are made.

Many thanks to the City of Salisbury Public Works Department for fixing this problem. Thank you to all of our visitors for your understanding as we navigate the twists and turns at Hurley Park. For more information or to donate to Hurley Park, go to salisburync.gov/HurleyPark, like us on Facebook and Instagram @HurleyParkNC or call us at 704-638-4459.

Danelle Cutting is manager of Hurley Park.

Sinkhole repair work at Hurley Park.