Letter: Weary of what Republican Party has become

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 27, 2020

I found it disconcerting that Elaine Hewitt’s letter on Oct. 20 (“Vote Republican all the way down the ballot”) said nothing about Governor Cooper following science and protecting N.C. through his diligence and implementation of the 3 Ws. Hewitt neglected other important facts.

Our constitution includes veto power for a purpose. Cooper vetoed teacher raises in November because he was standing firm for his proposed 8.5% raise over two years, a much better raise than the Republicans proposed in 2019-20 of 2.0% or 1.8% for 2020-21. In July, Cooper compromised and signed a one-time bonus and an increase in pay step while noting that this still fell short on needed raises for teachers and all school personnel.

N.C. Republicans seem to be the ones actively suppressing the vote. Voter ID was blocked by federal and state courts, not Cooper, Josh Stein or the state board. Judges wrote, “Such a choice speaks more of an intention to target African-American voters rather than a desire to comply with the newly created Amendment in a fair and balanced manner.” Republicans chose to write legislation in a lame-duck session after voters passed the ID bill. Seems like common sense for a court to rule against “racially discriminatory intent.” Republicans should ask and listen before deciding what they think should be the will of the people of N.C.

As an unaffiliated voter who has grown weary of what the Republican Party has become, I have no reason to vote for any Republicans who have not permanently distanced themselves from the man who leads with his gut, dismisses experts and pushes blindly forward rather than admit a mistake. Currently 221,000+ dead in our United States and rising. This is Republican leadership. Read and research; I have and will vote a solid Democratic ticket this year.

— Pam Everhardt Bloom