Letter: Livingstone should be commended

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 25, 2020

My name is Trina Coleman, and my son attends Livingstone College. I wanted to write this letter to express my overwhelming gratitude for their response with my son’s recent positive COVID test.

As a mother who has lost both her grandmother and mom last year (not COVID related), my heart dropped when my son advised me of his positive result. I could not imagine losing my one and only son to this terrible and unfortunate disease that has swept our nation. I cried, but I did not stay there. I did what I do best, which was to pray. My prayer to God was to send my son the help that he needed. And help is what my son received.

From the phone calls, to the text messages to the dropping off of supplies, Livingstone’s response is unmatched. To Dr. Baldwin, Mr. Davis, Mr. Henry, the health director, the amazing athletic department and all those who are playing a role in my son’s recovery, I am tremendously grateful. The president of Livingstone should be commended for having such an astounding leadership team.

What makes Livingstone’s response so remarkable is the fact that I know parents with students at other schools in the same situation, but their student’s experience has not been as favorable.

Livingstone College should be commended for their reaction. I am grateful that, if this journey is a part of God’s plan for my son, it was with such a reactive, caring and empathetic team from Livingstone.

It is my prayer that God will remove this disease from our country and continue to provide Livingstone College with the resources to keep our children, and the entire Livingstone family safe.

From the bottom of my heart, tank you! To God Be the Glory!

— Trina Coleman