Quotes of the week: ‘I now concede’

Published 8:10 am Friday, October 23, 2020

“After many years of trying to keep Faith Elementary School open, I now concede, and no longer oppose the closing of the school.”

— George Wilhelm, in written comments about the potential closing of Faith Elementary School

“This became a real public safety issue when shots were fired.”

— Greg Edds, chairman of the Rowan County Board of Commissioners discussing a permit allowing Reaper’s Realm to continue operations

“We want people to see this as a holiday experience, like you and your family decide to decorate your car with some lights or a Rudolph nose.”

— Hen Henderlite, who shares ‘Tis the Season Spectacular Parade planning duties with Shari Graham

“I didn’t expect the line to be like it was. But glory be to God because we got out of there a lot quicker than I thought we would.”

— Terry Jones, Sunday voter who rode on a bus provided by The Tower of Power United Holy Church

“I do believe that theater has the power to change and heal personally. I think in a time when we are all isolated and feeling boxed in … it’s important that we provide avenues for people to get together safely to express their feelings and express how they’re dealing with these issues.”

— Rod Oden, Lee Street theatre’s executive director on efforts to get a liver performance of ‘Fun Home’ on stage

“I’m glad God’s in charge of the rain. I’d have people mad at me because it would be too dry or too wet.”

  Randy Elium, detailing the struggles of farmers having to cope  with an overabundance of rain this year on top of everything else

“We know that the last quarter of this thing, it’s kind of like the fourth quarter as we move into it, is where the real rubber meets the road. We can’t give up now. We’re over halfway there, but that last little bit is always a challenge.”

— Andrew Smith, United Way Campaign chair on reaching 50% of the organization’s fundraising goal