North Hills seniors are leaving their marks

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 22, 2020

SALISBURY – In a year where things are a bit different, North Hills Christian School high school seniors are leaving their marks.

A few months ago, students, teachers and families weren’t sure that they would be returning to the classroom this fall, the school says they are grateful to be at a school where learning is in-person five days a week.

Each year, the seniors pick a theme for the school year. This year’s theme is Leave Your Mark.

“We were asked to come up with a theme around the time North Carolina went into quarantine. We knew then that our senior year would probably be flipped upside down. So we wanted something that would unify us even if we had to be virtual,” said Journey Kellis.

When asked how they want to leave a mark during their senior year, they collectively formed another theme: they not only want to leave their marks at North Hills Christian School, but also as they go into the world after graduation.

The mission statement of North Hills is to “equip the hearts and minds of students to impact the world for Christ,” and seniorCaroline Nance plans to do exactly that.

“As kids, we always talk about what it would be like to meet our heroes, and eventually we may become someone else’s hero, and if I’m someone’s hero, I want my accomplishments to point to Christ,” Nance said. Yeah, I want to become an astronaut, so of course space is exciting, but I want to be able to show people how space points to God.”

Senior Abigail Zunk said the theme means more to hear than it might otherwise appear.

“As a Christian, the First Commandment is to love God and then love other people,” said Senior Abigail Zunk. “Leaving my mark means just that – love God and people. I’ll do that at this school, this town, and wherever God takes me in the future.”

Due to COVID-19 protocols, students are required to social distance and wear masks when they are not at their desks. During a “normal” year, students would be able to visit other students across campus, but this year students must stay in their designated buildings. The school said this year’s senior class is striving to maintain the connections they have created in previous years while also doing their best to encourage everyone around them.

“I want to do my best to be a light in hallways and classrooms, which is hard now that we are limiting interactions with other people across campus, but it’s a new challenge that we’ll overcome,” Preston Rollins said.

North Hills Executive Director Maria Lowder said the school knew before the end of the year that its seniors would be “incredible leaders.”

“It has been amazing to see how encouraging and loving they have been to our students and staff on campus,” Lowder said. “They are already leaving their mark at NHCS as the largest high school senior class in the 53-year history of the school. This year, we have 25 graduating seniors and many have been at NHCS since Kindergarten. We are so proud of what these seniors have already accomplished, and we can’t wait to see what they continue to accomplish when they leave us. They will definitely impact the world for Christ.”