Letter: Warren right, Heggins wrong about Confederate monuments

Published 1:45 pm Wednesday, October 21, 2020

On Oct. 13, the Salisbury Post published a section with a series of questions for each candidate running for House District 76. One of the questions was “Is the state’s current Confederate monuments law in need of modifying? Was the city within its authority to make a deal relocating the ‘Fame’ statue?”

Harry Warren was correct in his statement that the North Carolina law was clear that safety hazards was for the structural integrity of the monument, not vandalism and racial violence, as Al Heggins contends.

Mayor A.H. Boyden signed a resolution in 1908 designating Fame’s old site would be used perpetually only for “Fame.” In 2019, the city attorney was giving a legal opinion that the city had no authority over the land. A N.C. law prevented moving “Fame” unless for safety reasons, thus Heggins and the group of 10 preceded to build a case to justify moving “Fame.” White paint, yellow paint, water thrown on an agitator, discharge of a gun by a man confronted by an angry crowd and a city employee state that safety could not be assured was the reason for justifying the removal of “Fame.” Big question: has anyone ever received a sentence or a fine for any of these “violent crimes?”

Heggins has actually created a lightning rod. What is going to happen when paint is thrown on “Fame” as well as bullets fired at her future hidden-from-view location? It is clear she had no regard for the veterans who died for the state of North Carolina or letting the people vote regarding the location.

What has she done, except spend taxpayer money to move a “lightning rod” from one location to another. The money she waste could have been used to eradicate poverty. Perhaps she is trying to appease the extreme left to avoid a “peaceful riot” demonstration. Her actions show the extreme left that their peaceful demonstrations (rioting) is working.

What type of representation do you want for the 76th District?

— Bobby Lambirth