Letter: Vote Republican all the way down the ballot

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Many are going to the polls, excited to vote for President Donald Trump. Don’t forget that he can’t do it alone. Vote Republican all the way down the ticket.

We need Dan Forest as governor. We need a governor who will pass a state budget and teacher pay raises, not veto them to play politics. Unlike his opponent, Dan Forest would not have a State Board of Elections pulling tricks to bypass election law in an effort to weaken election integrity. We need a governor and attorney general who will support the commonsense voter ID laws passed by our legislature, not fight against the will of the people of N.C.

We need judges who will judge based on the Constitution, not cancelling out commonsense voter ID laws or throwing elections into last minute turmoil to politically influence district lines. This election, all candidates will be labeled as Republican or other, except for the nonpartisan school board races. We can’t let liberals legislate through the courts; we need conservative judges.

Vote Republican. Vote all the way down the ticket. Each position matters!

— Elaine Hewitt