Letter: Byrd-Clark’s honesty refreshing

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 15, 2020

I am a civics teacher at Carson High School and have worked in Rowan County for 20 years. I have seen this county and the public school system in this county go through many changes and challenges. This includes school board members.

Although I do not live here, Rowan County is like my second home. Plus, I do teach civics, so I like to know and I investigate the local politics. I want to be able to truly discuss with my students their home and community.

During Mrs. Alisha Byrd-Clark’s term on the school board, I have seen something quite refreshing: she is willing to say she was wrong. There are two major categories where I have seen that Mrs. Byrd-Clark has been willing to say, after receiving all the information, “I would like to change my opinion.” I think that the humbleness and ability to say, “I did not have all the information and now that information has made me reconsider is exactly what leadership should be” is the type of leadership that allows our school system and our community to put our students first.

— Deanna Byrd