Mack Williams column: Games of chance

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 11, 2020

By Mack Williams
For the Salisbury Post

The signs are everywhere. No, not those pertaining to the Second Coming, the apocalypse (religious or zombie-wise), but to the November election.

There, I’ve only just barely touched upon two things (religion and politics) which should never be gone into great detail (lest the tempers of differing ends of the spectrum flare); and come to think of it, one should probably never go into great detail on zombies either.

So now, on to just signs.

For many months or so, the most prevalent yard signs I’ve seen are the ones stating “Thank You Jesus!” Those are fine signs, and, of course, at my church and many others, it is a part of the liturgy to state: “It is always proper to give both thanks and praise!”

The city council of the city in which I live (north of the N.C./Virginia state line) is hellben…, um, intent upon bringing a Caesar’s Casino to town, so for the last several weeks I’ve seen yard signs in support of that.

Usually, I only see one such sign in the yard of a gambl…, um, casino supporter. But there is one house in the city which sports two of those casino-supportive signs in its yard. Either the individual or family residing there feels doubly down on their luck.

The signs of the candidates for local, state and national office, containing their promises for the electorate have also appeared. The Caesar’s sign is tucked among them, since the city can vote on that too.  But I hope no one gets confused and thinks that Caesar himself is running, for his running days came and went some time ago.

I’ve noticed the “Vote for Caesar’s Casino” sign also states it will generate jobs, tourism and entertainment. A lot of the politicians’ signs also mention jobs and tourism, but they leave out entertainment, although they often provide plenty of that for the public, plus public consternation also.

Oh well, it’s all a game of chance, anyway.

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