Letter: Research, pray about it before you vote

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 8, 2020

I’m writing this to all Christians, especially Democrats who are Christians.

I know President Donald Trump isn’t a saint, but look at the Democrats’ platform. Please read the whole thing. They’ve removed God and Israel from the platform. You have to decide: do you stand for God or the Democratic Party who removed God and Israel?

Also check and see how Democratic cities and states restricted church attendance because of COVID-19 but let protests go on without saying anything about. And, yes, you have the right to protest peacefully and I support it.

Biden has promised to go after the Little Sisters, a Catholic charity, because they don’t believe in abortion, and to remove all of statues, plaques and markers of God or his word. Biden says he a practicing Catholic, yet he’s for abortion and won’t let his faith interfere with his job.

A Christian should put God first in everything he does! Oh by the way, Planned Parenthood was started by a racist who wanted to get rid of inferior races and the physical and mentally handicapped. Check it out. Don’t believe me! Also, check and see where all the Planned Parenthood centers are, mostly in black and poor neighborhoods.

Please research it and, most of all, pray about it!

— Chris Rodgers

China Grove