Letter: Stand back and stand by

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 4, 2020

After watching the first presidential debate, the Trump strategy was very clear. He wants to cast doubt on the entire election process and he wants to suppress his opposition vote.  

Two things he said in the debate were horrifying. He refused to condemn white supremacists and instead called on them to stand by. The second thing was he called on his army of supporters to go to polling places and watch what is going on, a clear call to intimidate and suppress votes.

This is a strategy that he intends to use in swing states like North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin and Arizona. It is no secret voter concerns are driving up the number of mail-in ballots among the elderly and people of color. Those votes will be challenged by the Trump campaign at every turn but if we follow the rules those challenges will fail.  

Our response must be to make every effort to vote by all legal means. We cannot let ourselves by intimidated. Absentee balloting, early voting and election day voting are all legal options. Our future and our democracy depend on how we respond to these threats.

I call on the governors in all states and particularly the swing states to do all in their power to protect polling places and ensure voters have the unfettered freedom to vote.

— Steve Albanese