Letter: Angels live in Spencer

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 4, 2020

Yes, Spencer, we do have angels here! A 62-year-old grandmother on her way home from grocery shopping tripped on the broken pavement and fell! The next thing she knew, she was seeing a young man standing next to her and asking if she was alright and if she needed help. 

Also, a pickup truck stopped and asked if the lady was alright and needed help. Her right hand was injured and bloody. She was confused and dazed from the fall. The young man waited for her to catch her breath and helped her up.

He assisted her home by taking her groceries and followed her to her house. She was so thankful that someone cared that she was hurt and gave help. These young men of our Spencer community are shining stars. This shows the caring community we have even with this pandemic going on.

She did not get the names of the two young men in the truck, but the first name of the angel at her side was Steven.

I know all this because it was me that this happened to on Aug. 20. I thank god for these angels we have in Spencer. My personal thanks to Steven. You’re a godsend.

— Billie Ozment