Letter: Biden is worst candidate in history

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 1, 2020

This could be one of the most important presidential elections, or re-elections, in history.

America seems to be in a situation that most of us never expected. Whoever thought that in Sept. 2019 that our nation in Sept. 2020 would be crippled on purpose by China from the COVID-19 virus without firing a shot.

I think that Joe Biden is the worst candidate for president in history. When he was vice president, he always put his foot in his mouth. He never said anything or did anything that made any sense. The few selected times he has appeared in front of the nation, he seemed incompetent. At times, I really felt sorry for him.

I can understand that the Democratic Party could care less if he appears incompetent. I cannot understand why his wife and family allows him to stand before the American people and make himself look like a clown.

As vice president, he catered to China. He was China’s personal credit card and, even now, he defends China.

If elected president, he and Kamala Harris would be puppets on a string. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and all the dishonest governors, attorneys general and mayors of those Democratic states, cities and towns would run the country. Just look at the destruction in those Democrat-controlled states, cities and towns.

Has President Trump made mistakes? Yes.

Has President Trump said things that you and I wished he had not said? Yes.

However, when you look at his accomplishments, he has gotten things done in record time that other presidents could not have done.

When you compare his three and a half years to Joe Biden’s nearly 50 years, the choice is clear.

Please, vote to re-elect Trump for president.

— Larry Goodman