Letter: Responding to letter from fellow veteran

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 29, 2020

You must read the Salisbury Post. It is the only way I can reply to letters to me. I hope the Post publishes this because it isn’t signed. It takes a while to make a good friend.

The letter states:

“Dear Walter,

I consider you a good friend. I read your letter to the editor. Please stop bashing our president and commander-in-chief. We respect your political opinions, but most all veterans fully support President Trump and the outstanding job he has done to strengthen our weak military under the former administration. Also, if you feel you cannot vote to keep America great, please don’t vote at all, especially for the Democratic party of hatred, violence and vandalism. They are destroying our great country with the BLM movement. And thank you for the wonderful photos you are giving to so many veterans.

A good friend and fellow veteran.”

Now, it’s my turn.

The commander-in-chief didn’t want disabled American veterans to be in his parade. They were suckers and losers.

Thank God the Sullivans aren’t alive to hear Trump call their five sons suckers and losers. It’s not just the Sullivans, but all mothers, fathers, wives and husbands share his views.

How can you support Trump, who cheated his sisters and niece out of their inheritance and would disinherit his son if he enlists in the military.

You say hatred. He hates anyone that disagrees with him. Take former Sen. John McCain, a five-year prisoner of war as an example.

You say don’t vote. Well, not voting is a vote for Trump.

Three people that know Trump better than most people wrote books on him. Blood relatives, a sister and a niece, and his lawyer. Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of Trump.

— Walter Leather