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Published 4:22 am Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Driver pulled over with 20 jugs of moonshine

Let’s be clear. That moonshine is illegal not because it’s “known to be stronger than liquor manufactured by federal standards, and can also be potentially toxic.” It is only illegal because Uncle Sam has not gotten paid for the making of that liquor.

— Eric Shock

Letter: Vote self-interested Republicans out of office

The Republicans and Democrats are like the two wings of a buzzard. If the left wing is dominant the bird flies in a counter clockwise circle.

Right wing dominance means that the bird circles clockwise. The party of choice determines how a person is used and abused.

— Reginald Brown

RSS Superintendent Lynn Moody announces retirement

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

— John Collins

As we move forward, I would hope the school board would look for leadership that will implement student accountability, encourage instructional ideology that is proven to provide results, someone who will promote financial responsibility, someone with a plan to prepare our students to be successful in a post secondary world, a person who will listen to the parents and teachers and lastly a person who will be visible within the schools and community.

Lastly, let’s have a state audit before she leaves. We don’t need any surprises after she’s gone.

— John Davis

I am excited to see her retire. I hope this is a wake up call for the school board and the voters. It was well past time for a change. All of our students deserve better.

— Jennifer Mason

Faith charter school application gets continued …

Faith Elementary has some of the highest test scores, highest parental involvement & lowest disciplinary problems in Rowan County.

The only problem is that the building is old and in need of repairs.

— Laurel Hale Adams

… RSS graduation rate improves, beats state average

Did they consider that seniors were told after March 16 that they didn’t need to continue doing work? I believe whatever grades they had at that point, were final grades. I’m not convinced this is accurate data.

— Lyndsay Tomlinson

Gary Pearce: Will basic right to protest be protected?

Conservatives have no issue with peaceful protests, but the leftist ones are so seldom peaceful.

It’s absurd and disingenuous to blame “right-wing vigilantes” or “hostile police.”

— Stuart Smith

Letter: How do people support such low character?

Biden is for all the wrong things going on now. But I will never be able to convince anyone who is not for God.

— Jimmy Moon

The Democrat Party is not a political party. It is now a movement. Its goal is to destroy America and to establish a Socialist entity in which the populace will be totally subservient to the ruling class.

— Willie Boone

Downtown Salisbury ‘moving swiftly’ with developers …

Many developers have dreams. But if they can’t secure financing in a timely manner, it’s just a dream.

—Michael Young