Letter: America needs four more years of Trump

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 17, 2020

I think President Trump is one of the best presidents in history. I think he really loves America and the American people. President Trump has been the most hated president in history (except maybe Lincoln) by the Democrat Party, the New York Times, the Washington Post and CNN News. Fox News is the only news outlet to stand up for President Trump. He is the only president that I can remember that stood up to China. All the other presidents just bowed down to China and gave them anything and everything they wanted.

The first part of 2020, I gave a $200 donation. I then would get two and three letters a week asking for more donations. The people who send out these letters make it appear that the letter is a personal one to you from the president. Unless you are in the twilight zone, you know this did not come from the president.

In July 27, I sent what I thought was a generous five-figure check. It took this Make America Committee so long to deposit my check (31 days) that my bank suggested stopping payment because the check could be lost. From July 27 to today’s date, I have never received an acknowledgment of my check and did not even get as much as a thank you. All I have is the cancelled check but not a word from this committee.

What I have got from July 27 to this day is 18 letters asking me for donations of $200 or $100 or whatever and nothing about my July 27th donation and no thank you whatsoever.

I support President Trump 100%. However, the Make America Great Committee doesn’t know what the left hand or the right hand is doing.

— Larry Goodman