Letter: Capstone Recovery saved her live

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 3, 2020

Before I came to Capstone Recovery Center, I was homeless and addicted to heroin. I had been alienated from my family and lost custody of my children. I was hopeless and alone. I was barely surviving. I slept under bridges and was a regular at the soup kitchen.

After waking up in the emergency room as a result of an overdose, I reached out for help. God opened the path to Capstone for me.

Since I have been at Capstone, I haven’t needed to wonder where I will sleep or what I will eat. I have been given clothes and shoes. I have access to free health and dental care as well as emotional and spiritual healing. I am grateful for all who pour into Capstone and funding from the Rowan County United Way and others. Without you all, I doubt I would be alive today to express my gratitude.

Thank you all for this second chance. God bless!

— Melanie Mitchell