Letter: What do Republicans like about Trump?

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Besides the following, what do the Republicans love about Trump?

1. Refusing to serve in the military.

2. Cheats on his pregnant wife and has someone pay these two off to keep it secret.

3. Taking children away from their parents, then separating husbands and wives, so the parents couldn’t grieve or console one another.

4. On live TV, he openly asked a foreign power to find something on Hillary Clinton. A few days later he had something. This time, he asked an ambassador and military officer to find something on Joe Biden.

5. Telling a man to lie to Congress and he would pardon him.

6. On Sept. 11, 2001, a handful of Muslims took control of three airplanes. You know the results of that. About 16 years later, Trump bans people from five Muslim countries from coming to the United States.

7. A secret meeting with Putin without a U.S. interpreter. What was Trump afraid of? Was it to take lessons on how to be a dictator? He has a good start.

8. Trump’s big help to Puerto Rico, throwing them paper towels.

9. What about Trump’s private army, tear-gassing U.S. citizens and arresting some because they are doing what the Constitution allows them to do, protest? Did you notice the row of women being tear-gassed? They could be your mother, wife, daughter, etc.

10. When Trump became president, didn’t he turn his business over to his sons? If he did, then why is he trying to get the British Open to go to his resort in Scotland?

Attorney General Bill Barr did not give Mueller’s full unredacted report to Congress. Those censored parts must not have been good for Trump.

Besides our medicines and bills, how will dogs find their way home without mailboxes?

— Walter M. Leather