Doug Creamer column: A check up 

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 30, 2020

By Doug Creamer

I just came back from my annual physical. I don’t like going to the doctor. What interests me is that many of my doctors have told me that they don’t like going to their doctor, either. Even though I do not like going to the doctor, I have always liked my family doctor.

I have had three family doctors since I have become an adult. I have been fortunate to have doctors that take time to talk with me about my health. Many years ago, I started to write a list of things I want to discuss with the doctor. Since I try never to go, I want to make sure I discuss anything that is on my mind.

Each year before I go, I work on my list. I review previous years’ lists and make sure I don’t leave anything out. I spend a couple of days thinking about any concerns or questions I want answered. I refine my list and make sure I am as concise as possible.

I am thankful that through the years I have a family doctor who will take time to go through my list and answer my questions. I know some doctors are in and out in less than five minutes. I feel lucky that mine have all taken time to talk with me. I have always felt like my doctor cared for me and that I wasn’t just No. 7 for the day.

While my list is for my doctor’s eyes only, I will tell you that I asked about his thoughts on COVID-19. We have all heard so much through the media about it, but it was interesting to talk with my doctor about it. He says it is still mysterious in some ways to the medical profession. It acts so differently from one patient to another. The bottom line being we all know what to do to keep safe and that it is not something we want to get if we can avoid it.

The good news to me is that my physical is over for another year. I am in good health. All my concerns have been discussed and I can rest easy for another year. I will follow his advice and recommendations, be careful to avoid COVID, and do my best to try and stay active, which he says is key to continued good health.

I wonder how a spiritual doctor would evaluate my health. I wonder what questions I would want answered from a spiritual doctor? How would the doc take my spiritual pulse or temperature? Would I lie down? Clothes can stay on, right?

The Bible encourages us to examine ourselves. We know that if we look and can see sin in our lives, any way in which we are walking contrary to God’s plan for our lives, that the prescription is repentance. We all have sin and need that prescription daily. It’s best to ask God if there is anything in us that displeases him and allow him to take it out.

The doctor would want to know about our nutrition. What are we feeding our spirit? If your Bible is covered in an inch of dust, your spirit can’t be very healthy. We need to read and think about God’s word; what is it saying to us? I like all kinds of music, but I need to feed my spirit with some Christian music.

Next, the doc wants to know if we are exercising our faith. Some people are bloated with God’s word but have never done anything with it. God’s word is intended to be active in our lives. Faith without works is dead. We have to move our faith muscles. We have to believe God, trust him, and walk with him.
Finally, the doc wants to know if we are talking with God. We need to pray and talk to God. It is vital that we listen; God wants to talk with us. He wants to share with us his good plans for our future. He wants to guide us through the tough places in life. He wants to comfort and encourage us.

I want to encourage you to honestly examine your spiritual life. Jesus is the kindest doctor you will ever meet. He already knows all about you. He will be patient with you as he helps to restore good spiritual health. He wants to lead you into a good future filled with his promises. He already sees the trials, failures, and difficulties in your future and he wants you to have the kind of faith that will persevere. We can all achieve good spiritual health with Doctor Jesus. Check-up, anyone?

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