Letter: American people want balance, not authoritarian leader

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 23, 2020

Sometimes, it seems as if I am the only person who does not choose a president based primarily on our economy.

Yes, I am concerned about my own financial well-being and our country’s economy, but I also want a president I can respect and believe what he/she says. I want to be able to go to bed each night knowing he/she has done their very best to maintain good relationships with other countries, has worked to preserve our environment and treats each citizen as if they are valued. Even more so, I want a president who tries to unify all the people and not divide us. 

That’s compared to one who belittles women, the disabled, members of the press and others who may disagree with him.

I know there will never be a president or a congressional body that will be in total agreement, but a good leader can set the tone for a harmonious working relationship. This is a great country where voting is a privilege and a responsibility. It is important that we seriously consider for whom we cast our vote. That will determine how we are regarded nationally and internationally in the years to come.

The American people must decide whether we want a government with a balance of power of the executive, legislative and judicial branches or an authoritarian one run by someone with no regard for truth or the laws of the land.

— Judy Ann Deal