Spencer man killed after being knocked into ditch by vehicle on Old Concord Road

Published 12:40 pm Wednesday, August 12, 2020

SALISBURY — A Spencer man was struck and killed on Wednesday by a vehicle on Old Concord Road.

Antonio “Tony” Rashad Alexander, 32, was struck by the vehicle around 5 a.m. near Lu Dot Lane, just north of Yost Road, said First Sgt. G.A. Barger with the N.C. State Highway Patrol.

Before the crash, Alexander, of North Salisbury Ave. in Spencer, had been in a disagreement with his girlfriend. The two were in a vehicle when Alexander called 911 to report he wanted out of the car. The girlfriend told 911 he’d been drinking and she feared he would harm himself. She also said he tried to jump from the moving vehicle several times.

The girlfriend let Alexander out of the car on Old Concord Road but followed him with her emergency lights on, Barger said. She begged him to get back in the car; he refused. He walked north and changed directions and walked south. The girlfriend was pulling into a driveway to turn around and get behind Alexander when he was struck by another vehicle.

Barger said a man named Gerardo Jimenez was traveling south on Old Concord Road and did not see Alexander in the roadway. Alexander was struck and knocked into a nearby ditch.

Barger said Alexander was wearing all black and that it was nearly impossible for Jimenez to see him walking in the dark. No charges are expected.