Letter: Leonard says he was fired by PPT board

Published 12:02 am Sunday, August 2, 2020

In April of this year, the Piedmont Players Theater Board sent Facebook posts, emails and articles to the Salisbury Post and the PPT membership thanking me for my time with the organization. I received many warm letters and emails telling me how much members of the community had enjoyed the shows and working with me. These comments truly meant a lot. 

With the virus, Black Lives Matter and the Fame statue, I didn’t feel spring was a good time to respond. Almost everyone who read the posts interpreted them to say I had retired and the parting was amicable. 

We were fired. 

I was not thinking of retiring, had no wish to retire and thought I still had many things to contribute to this community. 

Also, this had nothing to do with the virus. All of the decisions were made by the board before everything was closed down in March. 

Ironically, I had just had one of the best personnel reviews of my life. 

After 35 years of employment, construction of two theaters and a restaurant, production of hundreds of shows, and development of a year-round educational program, I was fired. The board also declined my offer to help the theater with transition planning. 

All board meetings about my termination were in executive session. All board members were sworn to secrecy. 

We miss our friends and look forward to seeing everyone when the world opens up again. 

— Reid Leonard