Creek Week to include irrigation workshop

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 2, 2020

By Michael O. Fine

Rowan Cooperative Extension

Rowan County Creek Week is an annual event that will take place during the week of Aug. 22-29. During Creek Week, agricultural and natural resources organizations will band together to offer events throughout Rowan County that educate and celebrate the amazing water resources we enjoy. 

From the Yadkin River and its tributaries to our abundant underground aquifers and springs, Rowan County is a water-rich county. Protecting and maintaining the health of these resources is important for our communities as well as native wildlife and their supporting ecosystems.

In honor of Rowan County Creek Week, the N.C. Cooperative Extension Service will offer an in-person workshop at Morgan Ridge Vineyards on Aug. 27 at 6 p.m. Pre-registration is required and attendance is limited to 25 participants. The training will focus on irrigation methods that conserve water while maintaining productive gardens and ensuring a healthy, home-grown food supply. 

Being able to deliver water to plants in a timely and efficient manner is the key to a healthy garden. But not all irrigation strategies have equal efficacy.  For one, watering plants can be time consuming and expensive.  Also, there is a fine line between too much water and not enough water.  Thirdly, the phrase “water my plants” is probably the wrong term to use when referring to maintaining sensitive plants like tomatoes. Instead, we should say “I need to water the roots.”  These concepts and more will be explored during this event.

This training will provide a hands-on demonstration of cost-effective irrigation systems available on the market for small growers and home-gardeners.

A vineyard tour will also be offered followed by a wine tasting and an opportunity to purchase an award-winning wine from Morgan Ridge Vineyards.

Registration is online and the link can be accessed through the NC Cooperative Extension, Rowan County Website @ under the events calendar.

For details, contact Michael Fine at 704-216-8970 or

Michael O. Fine is horticulture and local food agent with the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Rowan County Center.