Letter: What ever happened to gratitude?

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 26, 2020

We are here because our mothers chose not to abort us.

We have grown to adulthood because someone fed us every day.

We are reading these words because someone educated us.

We have the right to freedom and to pursue our dreams because we grew up in a country that values, fights for and protects those rights for us.

We may not be rich or powerful, but we are served every day by someone behind a counter, a desk, a badge, a lab coat or a clerical collar.

We are all far better off than our ancestors were, in spite of our problems and frustrations.

Our government works hard to assist us in providing all of these benefits for our children; but only we can teach them where to place their focus and how to view their world.

We will find what we’re looking for, based on where we look. 

When we look down we see dirt. Look around, there’s confusion; Look back, there’s regret.

Only when we look up do we find hope.

Let’s try counting our blessings. 

“Birth is a windfall and life is a gift,” said John Claypool.

— Janet Isenhour